The final submission should not exceed 15 pages. You can find ENTCS style files, along with instructions for their use on the ENTCS macro home page: ENTCS Basically, there is a generic package of files that are needed, and a link to this is near the top of the page. There also are instructions and example files in the generic package, as well as some tips about particular issues that sometimes prove problematic. Following this information is a listing of volumes with the special versions of a particular style file that is needed. Scroll down to the ETAPS'04 Workshops listing, which currently is at the bottom. Here you will find information about the RV'04 workshop. There is a file called prentcsmacro.sty. It should be substituted for the entcsmacro.sty file included with the generic package. New this year is the inclusion of key words in the frontmatter - this is now required for each paper for the final version that will be published.

Please send the LaTeX-files prepared with the ENTCS-macros to both organizers. We need the LaTeX-files to prepare a printed informal hard-copy version of the ENTCS volume. The final online version will then appear later on ENTCS's official web site.


Final camera ready papers:February 26, 2004
Workshop: April 3, 2004